“June is a great Immigration Lawyer and very knowledgeable with My Wife and myself in our case.  June was very professional from the very start to the end of our process in receiving our residence card. My success can be attributed to one of the greatest Immigration Lawyer I came across, June J. Htun. Through her teaching, I saw her as an intelligent, responsible and interesting individual. Through her style of informing us, I was introduced to good resources which provided My wife and myself with a solid foundation. This provided us with enough confidence to be able to trust June with our case. June and Camila did a great job in keeping us updated on our status in our case. I HIGHLY recommend June J. Htun to anyone who is in search for immigration assistance or advice from June in whatever your situation is. My wife and I will be forever grateful.”

– H.B. and L.S.

“La abogada June y su personal son muy profesionales, eficientes y puntuales. Personalmente, ella era como un ángel en los momentos difíciles durante mi asunto de inmigración. Con toda confianza, le he recomendado a muchas personas que conozco, aquellos que se sorprenden con la rapidez con que mi caso fue procesado. Siempre estaré agradecida con ella y su personal.”

(English Translation)

“The attorney June and her staff are very professional, efficient, and punctual. Personally, she was like an angel in the difficult moments during my immigration matter. With all my trust, I have recommended her to many people I know, those who are surprised with how fast my case was processed. I will always be grateful to her and her staff.”

– M.D.

“Mi carta, sirve como testimonio, y a la vez como recomendación para todos los que se encuentran con problemas legales y a causa de esto, muchos abogados ni siquiera quieren representarlos para arreglar su situación migratoria.  Yo les digo no pierdan la fe, a mí me rechazaron muchos abogados y me decían que era un caso perdido. Dios puso en mi camino a la abogada June J. Htun la cual siempre me animo y me dio esperanza. En menos de un año me soluciono mi problema y en Marzo 7, 2017 me hice ciudadano. Toda mi familia y yo estamos muy agradecidos por este resultado, nosotros te la recomendamos de todo corazón.”

(English Translation)

“My letter serves as testimony and at the same time as a recommendation for everyone who currently has legal problems and because of that a lot of attorneys don’t want to represent you in your immigration case. I tell you all to not lose faith, a lot of attorneys rejected me and told me it was a lost case. I want to tell you that not everything is lost. God put attorney June J. Htun in my path; she always encouraged me and gave me hope. In less than a year she fixed my problem and on March 7, 2017 I became a U.S. Citizen. My whole family and I are so grateful for this result, from the bottom of our hearts we recommend her.”

– A.G.

“June J. Htun is a reliable attorney with an extraordinary experience in the US immigration services. I felt having a comprehensive understanding and expectations with the process. Excellent customer service with following-up and reviewing the documents to ensure accuracy and submission on time.”

– M.A.

“As a client, I was very impressed by the level of professionalism and knowledge demonstrated by June Htun and her staff. I felt comfortable, and trusted her abilities to obtain positive outcomes for my immigration case. I highly recommend June Htun.”

– P.K.

“Forever grateful!!! June Htun was my lawyer and thanks to her now I’m a permanent resident. She is very knowledgeable and well informed, willing to go the extra mile for her clients , sometimes without charging extra. Thank you , June Htun for being an extremely professional lawyer and a wonderful person. Let’s not forget Camilla , the front desk lady, a very pleasant and efficient person. Thank you again.”

– D.F.

“I am writing this review midflight in our multiyear journey with June, but now is definitely an appropriate time to sing her praises as my wife has recently received her permanent resident card from USCIS. We have been working with her for the last two years and we are happy she will see my wife’s journey through all the way to naturalization.

My, at the time, girlfriend and I were referred to June by a lawyer friend of mine who knew her and thought she could help our case. My then girlfriend needed to change her visa status before she went out of status and we were debating getting married so then she would no longer need to worry about her status. After consulting with June we decided what was best for us at the time was to change her visa to a student visa which June helped us do. Once we decided to marry a bit over a year later we reconnected with June and she has been there for us the whole way through making sure we had everything in order and helping us feel prepared for our interview. June is very knowledgeable, patient, and professional.

We have been to both her office in Chicago and her satellite office in Aurora and they are both in good locations with ample street parking. Her office has been sympathetic to my work situation and helped be flexible with scheduling to make sure we could have appointments that worked best around my work schedule. We also had the option to pay in installments which made it easier to handle the fees. We plan on working with June again for immigration services for our parents when the time comes. If you need any guidance regarding immigration law I strongly encourage you reach out to June.”

– C.S.

“We have been trying for 4 years to get my wife (Mexican) her residency. She was denied the first time due to registering to vote (by accident) at the Illinois Driver’s License Facility, when they just told her to sign the card, not knowing how important that is.

After original denial, we visited 5 different attorneys and all stated different reasons to just wait for the deportation trial and the judge would use common-sense and grant residency.

Well, after 2 years without hearing anything, a friend told my wife about June Htun, who has a satellite office in Aurora, IL. We visited her and I immediately was impressed with her knowledge and professionalism and hired her. She convinced us that waiting was not a good option and to reapply for residency.

June researched previous cases and found a few that would help us. After applying, it was only about 3-months and we were in our interview and a week later, residency was granted. June Htun made my wife and me very confident that this would happen and it did!

I very seldom write reviews for anything or anyone but June Htun understands all the legal situations, processes and the people she works for and with.

I recommend to everyone! No need to shop around, hire her, stop worrying and relax while waiting for positive results.”

– M.W.

“My husband and I worked recently with attn. June Htun, to get my residency card. Since our first appointment, June was very professionally competent and she always provided us with clear and comprehensive information throughout the entire process. In case we had questions, she was always prompt to follow up with us, never felt neglected. We would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who seeks help in immigration matters.”

– E.A.

“Atty. Htun made everything clear during my consultation appointment. She was straightforward about what I can expect and her fees. She was patient and although we did not retain her at that moment she gave us invaluable advice. Great resource.”

– C.S.

“Attorney June was very helpful. We won one of the most difficult immigration cases. A 2 years home residency waiver. and We filled for my Green card and we got it in a very short time. She’s a very good communicator, will listen carefully to everything her client says. On the top of that, she’s got an outstanding personality and a high level of professionalism. Her expectations were met, very resourceful and will discuss every possible way to resolve your legal issue. All the office members are very informative, and more than helpful. I highly recommend Attorney June.”

– M.F.